Totsworld Pte. Ltd. was started out in January 2014 by Qiqi. Now, she’s a mother of 2, a nurse with an experience of over 10 years, striving to bring innovative and premium baby products from around the world to parents. We believe in using these products first before allowing others to use. After all, we are parents too, we are passionate in what we do, and we hope to give the best to every child.

The Big Reason Why We Do What We Do
Qiqi’s dream is to create a group of companies, to create and form a group of companies, and a platform to share and save parents the stress and frustrations that they may face. Afterall, having a child is not easy, and we would like to help make your parenthood journey as easy as possible. And that’s still one of the biggest reasons why Totsworld is continually improving themselves and openly shares their knowledge and experience with you through the different companies that we own, even more so, with passion.


Over the years, Totsworld has grown and has the following subsidiaries

-          Babywise Singapore – Customised Baby’s Hair Brush and Hand & Foot Casting

-          Balloon Town – Balloons & Party Event Planner

Totsworld Team