5 Motherhood Tips for Current Millennial Parenting

Honestly, it feels like it’s just yesterday when you held your oldest in your arms and sang songs to him and thought of the many years of childhood that’s spreading out with a lot of time to spare, right? To enjoy more of your childhood, here are some excellent tips.



  1. Look at Them

Simply stop what makes you busy and look in your children’s eyes when they talk. Don’t just be the mother behind the screen or maybe a mom with their back to their children. Also, do not be the person that they have learned mumbles such as “in just a minute” or “mmhhmmmm”. If you can, put down everything that you are doing and just look at them lovingly when they are talking to you. 

  1. Write Down What Your Children Say

This is especially true for those funny stuffs that you think you will never forget since you will surely forget it otherwise. And then you will be stuck saying these: “remember when he did this and said really funny things?” Actually, if you do not write them down, you can also record a video or voice clip using your smartphone, or save it in the cloud. But, never overdo it. You can learn more about this in the 5th point. 

  1. Never Give Up Your Chances to Rock Your Kids to Sleep

One day, you will find yourself feeling that it was just like yesterday that you were rocking your sweet oldest daughter. So, even if you are busy, make sure that you have the chance to rock your baby to sleep. Time flies so fast and your baby will definitely grow up fast too. So, cherish every moment as you will surely miss these things. 

  1. Tackling Spilled Flour or Any Form of Powder Ingredients or Materials

The moment your children dump a bag of flour out without you knowing and proceeds to play and get it anywhere in the house including their own hair, don’t just yell right away. Instead, take a picture first before you discipline them by talking to them because some day, when they get older, you will just laugh to what they did. After that, you can simply use your vacuum to clean it all up. 

  1. Try to Put Your Camera Away

While in the 2nd point, we have suggested that you record some memorable moments with your child, we suggest that you don’t overdo it. Nowadays, we live in the photo taking, video loving, instagrammable world. And while that is a beautiful and awesome way to document life, you should never overdo it since there’s something important that should be said for time when there’s no distractions, including your cameras. Instead of having special moments in your phone or in your Instagram, talk to them, hug them, spend time with them as it is something that you would get to retell and remember. Sometimes, putting your camera away and living life without it will also help you create an unbreakable bond between your kids and your family as a whole.