Little Sponge Boat

Time to have some fun in the bathroom! These floating boats are super easy to make, by using only a few supplies. Materials: Craft foam Drinking straws Sponge Scissors Steps: 1. Cut out a shape from the sponge. It can be any shape – heart, star, circle, square, or triangle. 2. Make a small hole in …

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Kidsme: Chicken & Apples

Ingredients: Apple Chicken Breast Cinnamon Method: Prepare Chicken (you can either steam, boil, roast etc) and cube. Peel apple, cut into chunks, then steam. Allow to cool to the desired temperature. Fill the fooder with chicken and apples. Vary the ratio for a variety of taste. Season with cinnamon (optional)

Toilet Roll Octopus

A quick less than 30mins toilet roll octopus for your kids to play with using recycled toilet paper rolls. Turn their room into a beautiful underwater world by hanging them up! Material: Toilet paper roll Yarn or string Hole puncture Eyes Paint Glue Steps: 1. Cut 4 slits at the end of the toilet paper …

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Egg Carton Alligator

Let us use an egg carton tray to do a fierce alligator! Material: Egg tray 2 toilet roll Paint Marker Eyes Scissors Steps: 1. Cut the bottom of the first egg box as the body. Next, cut the second egg box into two half (separate the top and bottom) for making the crocodile’s mouth. Cut the …

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Kidsme: Banana Crunch

Ingredients: Banana Whole Grain Cereal Method: Peel and slice the banana into pieces. Combine the banana chunks and whole grain cereal in one of our Food Feeders.

Steam Egg Pudding

Ingredients: Egg Milk (breastmilk, formula milk or fresh milk) (Milk : Egg = 1.5 : 1) Method: Beat the egg well. Warm up the milk if you are using breastmilk or fresh milk If using formula milk, make using warm water. Pour the milk into the egg. Steam for 10mins

Kidsme: Rice Cereal

Ingredients: 1/2 cup of rice 1 cup water or breast milk Method: Use the kidsme Food Grinder to grind the rice to the desired consistency