Egg Carton Alligator

Let us use an egg carton tray to do a fierce alligator!

Egg tray
2 toilet roll

1. Cut the bottom of the first egg box as the body.
Next, cut the second egg box into two half (separate the top and bottom) for making the crocodile’s mouth.
Cut the two toilet paper rolls in half.  Paint the outside of the egg carton and toilet paper roll green and dry for 20 minutes.
Paint the inside of the mouth red. Take out the white cardboard and cut out the crocodile teeth and stick it to the mouth with glue.

2. Cut the edge of the toilet paper as the claws of the crocodile. Apply glue to the egg box at the other end.

3. Apply glue to the back of the crocodile’s mouth and place it firmly under the chin.
Apply glue to the upper part of the crocodile mouth, as shown in the figure.

4. Lastly, add two large eyeballs with glue and dry for 15 minutes.