Holiday Rush: Strategies to Keep Your Child Safe in the Mall 

Ready to brave the crowds of the holiday season? Learn first how to keep your children safe when you go to the mall to shop for presents. 

You would never think of letting your kids ride in a car without her seatbelt fastened. However, what about when she’s in a shopping cart? You’ll always hold your child’s hand when she crosses the street, but sometimes you don’t hold it when stepping onto the mall’s escalator.  When it comes to the safety of your kids, it is very easy for parents to get worried about the obvious, big threats like toy recalls, car accidents, and even dangerous playground equipment, since they’re responsible for a lot of childhood accidents.  

However, a daily trip to the mall wherein parents are usually distracted and children are intrigued by escalators, elevators, as well as other displays in the store – poses really surprising hazards that can potentially cause severe injuries. This is why we asked the experts about how you can be able to navigate safely the following danger zones that moment you as well as your children hit the malls. 

Store Displays 

  • Play it Safe 

Never let your children poke around platforms and displays since not all malls secure their displays and mannequins. This means that if they play with the displays, they can possibly topple over easily.  

  • Discourage Exploration 

Your kids might think that crawling underneath the store’s display or clothing rack is really fun. However, he can accidentally pull that thing down and hurt her. This is why you should never let your child reach for anything that’s placed on anywhere high as he may knock over objects that are really heavy or it may cause heavy shelves or table to tip over.  


Usually, little kids are freaked out by escalators. They have the reason to be since a lot of children are injured on mall escalators every year. Here’s the safety strategies for parents: 

  • Hold the child of your child so you can be able to guide her on and off the mall’s escalator and then make sure that your child’s fingers do not get stuck in the handrail of the escalator. 
  • Tell your child that she should stand still and face forward since if she will sit on the step, his feet and fingers are closer to the rotating parts of the escalator and may pose danger.  

Following these safety strategies in the mall can surely make your shopping safer and enjoyable.