Is Multitasking Healthy? 

For the multitasking, busy mom, there never seems to be quite enough hours in one day. In fact, as a mother whose career develop during the nap time of their children and in between laundry loads, she will definitely know this from experience.  

Nowadays, multitasking is such a buzzword. Individuals who believe that they can be able to perform two or more jobs or tasks simultaneously at once are considered as multitasking. Example, with all my social media work, blogging, and e-commerce, I’m sometimes guilty of my hectic schedule.  

Nevertheless, expert studies have shown that a lot of multitaskers actually take much longer to complete tasks and are also predisposed to failure. Thus, the bottom line is that multitasking is not 100% healthy. So, what does a busy mom should do? How could you be able to get anything fully accomplished in a timely manner without having to multitask? Here are some helpful tips for busy moms: 

Make a to-do List 

Making and keeping a daily to-do list is certainly a great help. The moment you find yourself forgetting something that’s very important or even just the milk or bread at the grocery, chances are you’re a good contender for having a to-do list. This is because it is very easy and definitely worth the effort. As a matter of fact, listing everything in your to-do list for the day and even for your entire week will prioritize your tasks in order of what’s the most important.  

The moment a house chore gets done, simply check it out from the list and then you’ll definitely feel that you have accomplished something. Make sure to be organized through using a to-do list. It will make you fast during the day or even the whole week and it’s very helpful that you stay organized. This way, you can be able to clean up at the end of your home office or household work session.  

Stay Organized 

Make sure to organize your project so that you won’t be able to feel that you’re only shuffling around and wasting time. Your productivity will also increase and your stress will definitely lessen the moment you are completely organized.  

Consider Working Sequentially  

The moment you start working on projects and tasks, it’s better to work sequentially which is in an ordered segment. This is because concentrating on a single task at a time will allow your brain to refocus and restart.  


In order to fully accomplish your tasks and keep your projects up to date, it’s best that you cultivate self-discipline. After all, taking care of the kids and doing household chores are hard work and because of that, self-discipline will keep an active mother on track. Having said that, self-discipline is especially important for those mothers who run a home-based business.  

Limit Distractions  

Usually, multitasking starts with distractions. This may include television, phone calls, social media, the internet and even partners, children and spouses. As a matter of fact, these distractions can also cause our attention to decrease and to lessen attention to every detail.