Mommy Bloggers Event

Kidsme had their first product media launch in May 2014. We have invited selected mommy bloggers to test out Kidsme products. The event is held at Roosevelt’s Diner&Bar. Read about how our Mommy Bloggers feel about our Kisdsme products!

Junne Bae
“I have another food feeder from munchkin, which is a mesh one. Though it does the job of preventing choking, I feel uncomfortable about the bacteria that might be trapped within the fibers of the mesh (I know, 有点想太多了)。but it’s really quite difficult to wash! And Joen didn’t really like it after a few tries of shoving it into his mouth, so I gave up.

When I first saw the Kidsme food feeder, I feel hopeful immediately – because it looks just like a pacifier and Joen is a pacifier junkie so I thought he will adopt this food feeder really easily.”

Ju Ann
“I CANNOT WAIT FOR DANIEL TO BE 6 MONTHS OLD then I will totally use this on him!!! I am sure he will love it! Check out mummy blogger Maggi Quek‘s cute daughter, Kayliss, enjoying the dragonfruit and banana that was placed in the food sac!”

Cen-Lin aka Miracule
“My favorite product of all is the Kidsme Multi-Function Food Scissors! Since Baby Kyne is the second child, I had since become more relaxed (lazy) in weaning & feeding…..It can cut, scoop and mash! Really perfect for on the go feeding with Baby!”

Serene aka Xavvy-licious
“Seriously, the one who invented this saves Stay-at-home-mums more time in washing! Instead of washing the wire mesh which can be very frustrating when the food particles get stuck in the teeny weeny tiny holes, the scissors, the fork or spoon, simply replace all these with Kidsme Multi-Function Food Scissors to do all the task!”

Charlene aka Missuschewyc
“Obviously, so much thought has been given to come up with Kidsme Food Feeder with all the amazing features listed above. If you notice, Kidsme Food Feeder looks like a pacifier except that it has small little handles which encourage self-feeding with the ergonomic design that makes it easy for little hands to hold on to. The textured sac cleverly doubles up as a teether too.”

Jolin aka JSArena
“I love this scissors because it is so versatile and is great when we are outdoor. I can bring steamed pieces of potatoes, pumpkin, fish or meat and mesh or cut them up when it is time for Small J’s meal. This is a must-have in the diaper bag.”

Cindy aka The Hooting Post
“With a food feeder, it’s like an in-between and personally, I feel it’s a good transitional step. The founder of Kidsme Food Feeder wanted to empower his son during feeding, and it led to this patented solution.”

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kidsme invited selected mommy bloggers to test out kidsme products. Event is held at Roosevelt's Diner&BarProducts…

Posted by Kidsme Singapore on Wednesday, 28 May 2014