Motherhood Tips – Building Relationship with Your Kids

1. Remember – It’s Okay to Cry

Your kids actually need to see your tears sometimes. Life is about the joys and trials and ups and downs. Do not hide it always.

2. It is Even More Important to Laugh

Ask yourself. When was the last time you laughed? Laughter truly is the best medicine. In fact, nothing can bring more joy to your kids then when you start laughing and giggling along with them, that’s joy-filled real laugh. We all know life is hard and usually in the middle of every day of your life, the laughter and the joy can potentially dissipate. But, try to find it again. Try playing a game or watching a funny movie – always make sure to find your laughter.

3. Guard Your Dinner Time

When your children get older, this also gets more and more challenging. It’s because the time becomes tight, schedules fill up, and pretty soon, your dinner around the table will be lost. This is why it’s best that you work hard on reclaiming dinner table around the table. Actually, this is the only time where you can be able to celebrate and solidify family. So, always make it your ultimate goal to have a specific number of dinners with the family every week.

4. Whisper

Have you already experienced that moment when the noise only gets louder and louder? Certainly, matching the volume will just increase the volume. So, to combat this situation, begin to whisper your responses and then watch the noise drop. It is actually easy in your household for the noise to get loud because there are a lot of competing voices. And, this is also why the experts advice that you resort to whispering always.

5. Cultivate Your Interests

Mothers must take time for themselves in the midst of their busy motherhood days. Write, paint, scrapbook, run, attend a book club or do something that can bring you joy. Some moms consider their gardening as a go-to during their stressful days. It is really good to have many ways on how to express yourself as well as allow yourself to think.

6. Give Thanks

Always make it a daily priority to be thankful for all the good things. It’s maybe on some days that you simply have finished a really busy day or that you successfully got loads of laundry done or even simply for the hug from your grown-up child. Always give thanks. Just remember that there’s hope found in different posture of gratitude.

7. Say You Are Sorry

Mothers, we’re wrong oftentimes. There’s true humbleness and power in admitting to our children that we didn’t listen or that we’re wrong. If you make mistakes, then admit it. Simply ask for forgiveness then move forwards. This is because our children also need to know that we are real and that we truly value them.

8. Be Involved with Them

Help build sandcastles. Run outside and play soccer in your backyard. Go fishing with them. Watch with them the movie that they like. Listen to your children when they tell you how their day went. Just be involved in almost everything they do but don’t meddle too much. Just let them know that you really value them as well as the things they do, including what their hobbies or interests may be.