New Parents Baby Checklist

Congratulations!! You are going to welcome a new member in the house! With all the excitement, you will easily lose track of what you should buy! We have put together a list by experienced moms and dads to help you get prepared for your little prince’s or princess’s arrival!

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  1. Sleeping The room where baby spends most of their time in! Make sure you have assembled the necessary furniture before you are due. Baby cot or playpen depends on individual preferences.
    Baby Cot Pros: Can use up to 5-6yrs old. More stable. Adjustable bed height according to baby milestones. Reduce a backache for the caregiver. Cons: More expensive. Baby leg gets stuck in between cot rails (can use cot protector).
    Playpen Pros: Cheaper. Easy to move around. Cons: Limited height adjustment. Shaky.
  2. Bathing Wash all the cute little baby clothes, bibs, mittens, socks, blanket and towel in a mild and scent-free detergent to keep from irritating your baby’s sensitive skin! No-tear head to toe wash and bathtub with infants inserts helps new parents to bath baby easily without stress!
  3. Traveling Under the Road Traffic Act, a child below the age of 8 years old, who is the passenger of a motor vehicle, has to be secured using a child restraint that is appropriate for his/her height and weight, or uses a booster seat cushion in conjunction with the vehicle seat belts. There are different types of strollers in the market, lightweight or heavy. Choose a stroller according to your lifestyle and budget.  If you drive, you might consider getting a stroller that comes with a car seat adapter.
  4. Feeding Whether to breastfeeding or formula feeding is good to discuss with your spouse. As a new mother, spouse support and encouragement will make feeding schedule and/or caregiver roles a lot easier.
  5. Before going hospital Prepare the hospital bag! Each hospital will have a different packing list, do check with your respective hospital on what they provide after giving birth. You will definitely want to catch the special moments your newborn arrives in this world and can’t wait to post his/her cute little picture online! Remember to charge all your electronic gadgets and bring charger too! You wouldn’t want to miss any moment!