The Beauty of Adoption: Benefits that Come with Adopting a Child 


Adoption can often be viewed from a lot of angles. The Adoptive parents, the Birth Parents, as well as the child themselves actually have different point of views that points out what adoption really is to them. In fact, for some people, they always thought of adoption as a touchy subject. But, for others, adoption is being viewed as something that’s worrisome and frightening, and still, other people view it as a total blessing and a gift. The truth is that adoption can also be all these things. However, no matter what angle you are coming from, you will surely agree to the fact that there are many advantages that come from and with adoption. 

Benefits that Come with Adoption 

  1. Multifaceted Blessing

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Since adoption can be experienced and viewed from a wide variety of angles, it’s only natural that the benefits that come with and from it are varied too. The truth is that the benefits of adoption are often experienced by all the parties involved in the process, and knowing just how it can positively impact you can help a lot throughout your decision process to adopt and to do the following adoption processes. 

2. Advantages for Birth Mothers

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Certainly, deciding to place your little one for adoption is often fueled by a lot of different circumstances. It’s often wrought with grief, negativity, and worry. Unwed mothers, age, unplanned pregnancies, financial struggles, as well as the feeling of being wholly and totally unprepared to becoming a parent to a child are only a few of the major reasons why people choose to place their kids for adoption. Luckily, adoption often comes with many advantages and resources for birth mothers. Women who choose adoption typically have: 

  • Much Higher Chance of Education 

Surely, adoption can let women have a much higher chance to pursue their education as well as achieve their goals. As a matter of fact, women who choose to place their kids for adoption are likely to finish their studies and even receive much higher degrees over those women who choose parenting. Actually, according to studies, women who choose parenting even at a very young age likely not to finish their studies. 

  • Lower Chance of Experiencing Poverty 

Studies show that women who choose to place their kids for adoption are less likely to experience poverty in their lives or need a public assistance than single mothers or young parents. Because of the fact that they are able to achieve a much higher education, they are more likely to find a great employment opportunity in their chosen career. 

  • They Can Still Be a Part of their Child’s Life 

Actually, even after mothers have chosen adoption, chances are they still become a big part of the life of their children through open agreements in the adoption process. Basically, depending upon the specific relationship that they have chosen, they can still be able to receive emails, photos, letters, and even phone calls. As a matter of fact, even in some agreements during the adoption process, the birth mother might still be able to visit her child in a periodic manner. This will help a lot of women realize that their decision in terms of adoption was the right one. 

  • They Tend to Experience More Peace 

Birth mothers will surely be able to experience more peace knowing that their precious little one is being raised in a loving, safe environment and receiving all things that they deserve and need in life. 

3. Benefits for Adoptive Parents 

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Adoptive families and parents can be able to get a lot of benefits from adoption. However, the strongest one remains to be the fact that families, especially parents get to have kids for the first time or they get to add some to their family that already exists. 

We can definitely agree that adding a child to an existing family is always a blessing. Fortunately, through an adoption, you’re able to experience the children’s absolute joy in the home, especially sometimes when having children seems impossible because of complications. Infertile couples, single adoptive parents, and same sex couples are actually given a much higher opportunity to observe and experience the gifts of having family and children first hand. 

4. Benefits for Adoptive Children 

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Adoption might actually give the most benefits to the kids themselves. This is because adoption also comes ample opportunity and lot of adoptive children are able to receive these advantages: 

  • Financial and Physical Resources 

Through adoption, kids are able to receive both financial and physical resources that otherwise might not have been readily available to them. 

  • A Good Life that Their Parents Really Wanted for Them 

A lot of birth parents decide to put their child in adoption since they’re not able to provide the best life that they really desire for him or her. Fortunately, adoption can give children a chance the best home to grow up in a kind of environment that their birth parents always want them to have. 

  • Support and Love 

Whether they’re in touch with their biological mother or father or in a closed typed of adoption, children who are adopted are still given the support and love that they deserve and need. 

  • A Loving Family 

It’s also likely that adopted children can experience to have a home that may also include siblings. Overall, adoption can also come with many advantages for all the people involved. The moment you’re considering adoption, whether you’re a family that’s looking to add more members or an expectant mother, knowing these benefits can definitely help you when it comes to coming up with the right decision. Having said that, it’s very important that you do more research, since adoption is considered as a commitment which includes more than just the benefits. 

You probably have too many questions right now if you’re considering an adoption. But, between a lot of worries, the biggest question regarding adoption is – why should you adopt? There are actually many reasons why adoption is considered as a wonderful path for you and or your family, which is why it’s quite hard to settle on simply one reason. 

Certainly, everyone has their views and own opinion on adoption and some of these reasons vary. With all these in mind, it is definitely easy to see how fast things can become quite confusing, yet they do not have to be. Adopting a child is certainly a wonderful decision. However, there are also some reasons why it can be agreed upon by everyone. 

Important Reasons Why Some People Consider Adoption 

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  1. They Have the Desire to Give Children a Family 

A lot of couples, individuals, and even families consider adoption since they genuinely have that desire to give a child a family. Perhaps, these people already have their own children, they simply want to get their own family expanded in a new way, or even if they’re struggling with infertility. Whatever your reason is, if you have a pure and clear desire to give a child a wonderful family, adoption might be the right calling for you.  

The sad reality is that there are a lot of children who are in need in this world, both internationally and domestically. And, providing them a loving and wonderful family can really be a great blessing to them. 

  1. They Want to Help Children Have a Better Life

We are all aware that children come to adoption phase from tough backgrounds. As a matter of fact, some of these children have been placed in foster care systems, sometimes for a long period of time, after living with unfit or abusive parents. Some of them may have also been orphaned or abandoned. Each of these particular reasons can definitely have a negative impact on a kid’s life, which causes them to develop a melancholic, fearful, or even angry on life. The moment you have the desire and means, wanting to provide a child with better life is surely a beautiful reason to adopt. 

  1. They Know of Children in Need

Do you happen to know a recently orphaned kid or are you a volunteer at a foster care center or orphanage and know of some children who are desperately in need? The probable reason is that maybe their parents have addiction issues, health problems, or maybe they’re constantly and severely abused in their own homes. Kids in need can actually come into your life in an instance in sizes and shapes, and simply knowing of the child who needs a wonderful home and family can be enough to create a desire in order to adopt a child in your heart. 

So, Why Consider Adoption? 

The adoption experience or knowledge of every individual is different. Unique backgrounds, diverse parents, different world views, as well as different health circumstances can feed heavily into your “how’s” and “why’s” or adoption. But, a lot of adoptive parents find that the moment they bring their children or child into their family, their lives are definitely changed for the better. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of heartwarming adoption testimonials and stories that are sure proof of adoption’s miracle.